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Pull request comment types
Pull request comment types

How to control the comments sent to you pull requests

Written by Sanna Luukkonen
Updated over a week ago

Each time you make a pull request to a repository that is added to a project in Softagram, you will get a comment to your pull request after Softagram has finished analysing the impact of the pull request. If you wish, you can change the type of the comment. There are three alternatives for pull request comments:

  1. Full

    When this comment type is selected, you will get a wide overview of the impact of your pull request. This overview includes visual representations of the impact, duplicate code findings, possible rule violations, etc.

  2. Oneliner

    If you feel that there is too much information in the full report, you can select the oneliner option, which will comment only a very short summary table about the impact of your pull request.

  3. Disabled

    You can also disable sending comments to pull requests. You can still see your impact reports in Softagram web UI, but no comments are sent to your pull requests.

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