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Softagram Desktop, Getting started with 3 easy steps
Softagram Desktop, Getting started with 3 easy steps

Get your credentials, install desktop app and login the first time

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1. Get your Softagram credentials

Login with Github or set a password for your account with the activation email that you received from Softagram.

If you have any issues with logging in, please ask in the chat below or email us at

2. Download Softagram Desktop

Click below to start your download, or go to for details.

3. Open Softagram Desktop and login

Once installed, open Softagram Desktop and login with your credentials. If you use Softagram Enterprise, remember to change the Softagram URL to your company's. Username is your email address.

NOTE: If you have registered to Softagram Cloud, please use Softagram URL:
NOTE 2: If you registered to Open Source Cloud, please use  Softagram URL:

4. Enjoy!

Once you have successfully completed the steps above, read next about Basic Usage.


Q: What's our Softagram URL?
A: Check your account activation email - Softagram runs on the same host that was used to set your password.

Q: What's my username?
A: It's your email address

Q: What's my password?
A: Check your activation email. If you didn't receive one, go to your Softagram URL and click the Forgot password -link, entering your email address. If you can't do any of these, please contact us and we'll sort it out.

At any point, feel free to contact us in the chat below or by sending email to We are happy to help 😊

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