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Trying out Softagram in different scenarios
Trying out Softagram in different scenarios
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You have your own Git repo (not a fork of someone)

If you don't have any changes nor open pull requests, please be patient since you can only get Softagram to perform the PR automation if you first do some change, open up a PR about it, and then wait for some time.

You can do your changes into a new branch in your repo, or use the fork model. Both cases are supported by Softagram.

You have a fork of an open source repository

Trying Softagram is not easy in this case since most probably your fork is not actively developed, and all the pull requests happen in the main repository. Unless you get to convince the open source repository owner to start using Softagram, it is hard to see the real Softagram impact reports on real changes.

You are in a team that has "company repositories" under organisation

You need to add the main repository into Softagram (not the forks), and this of course means that special rights might be needed for doing that.


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