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How to setup LDAP authentication (enterprise-only)
How to setup LDAP authentication (enterprise-only)

Login to Softagram using your existing LDAP-based identity management server

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NOTE: LDAP is currently only supported with Softagram Enterprise. Contact us if you have any questions or need help.

1. Login to Softagram as superuser

Only superuser can enable and change the LDAP configuration of Softagram.

2. Enable LDAP

Open the top-right icon (the User icon)

Then choose 'LDAP' from the column on the left-hand side.

NOTE: When you enable LDAP authentication, all the existing user accounts in Softagram will remain accessible as before. They are not converted to LDAP automatically. Currently Softagram does not provide a UI to switch existing users to use LDAP but it can be done in our server. Please contact us for the details.

3. Configure LDAP settings

Follow your organization's instructions for setting up LDAP. Set the Softagram settings accordingly. User search filter needs to be email-based because Softagram only supports log in with email address. System username/password are defined for an account which has full access to the relevant LDAP structures that are needed to enable log in for all the required users (e.g. all developers in the company).

If you need any help with finding the correct settings, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll figure it out together.

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