As Softagram integration has been implemented to create webhooks automatically, Helix TeamHub integration is straightforward to take into use.

1. Create new project (Softagram web UI)

  • Click the "Create new Project" and add a name to it

2. Click "Add Repositories" and select Helix TeamHub

3. Fill the required fields

  • Find out the base URI of HTH service (e.g.
  • Create a tool user account to Helix TeamHub e.g. "Softagram_bot" (It can not a bot user since attachments are not yet supported by Helix TeamHub) and give it Admin rights (otherwise webhooks need to be created manually for each repo, since only Admins can create webhooks). 
  • Set the "Softagram_bot"  to be used for the integration and get a "Company Key" and "Personal Key"  by copying them from Helix TeamHub -> Settings -> API keys.
  • Add the Username and Password (if you don't use SSH) 
  • Note that when using SSH, add it from "Project Settings" and then you don't need to add bot username and passwords

4. Click OK and select the repositories from the list!

That's all! You should see the status in the repository list like below: 

Now, just go and create first code review and see the report appearing to Helix TeamHub Code Review discussion flow.


You can also initially do and change the settings any time from "Project Settings" page (Click the ⚙️icon to get there)

TIP! You can copy the project settings from others in the projects list view:


  • If your Helix TeamHub Enterprise URL hostname does not have words helixteamhub nor deveo you need to ask Softagram support (chat on this page) for more instructions.
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