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How to integrate with GitLab (
How to integrate with GitLab (

Get started with Softagram using your repositories

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In this guide we're going to show you how to use Softagram with your repositories in

1. Create a new project / Select project

Select switcher (top right corner part, similar as in the picture below) to open list of teams and projects

Select a project or create new project (find more: here)

If adding repositories to exist project, choose the setting icon on the project card and choose 'Add new repositories'

2. Add repositories from GitLab

You will go directly to this prompt after select 'Add new repositories' or setup name for project

3.If you have not set up token for workspace where this project belongs to, click "Add Gitlab Token" to be redirected to GitLab login and authorization. Grant access for Softagram and continue.

4. After being redirected back to Softagram, select the desired repositories from the list

Go forward when you ready.

5. Done! On the next merge request you'll get your first Softagram Impact Report.

Any issues with the setup or not getting any impact reports? Contact us in the chat or send email to support at, we are glad to help!

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