Softagram does not yet provide out-of-the-box integration with Google Cloud Source but you can still get your code analyzed automatically. Follow these steps to add your repos under analysis. Note though that this is experimental. Any issues, just drop us a line in the chat.

1. Create git credentials in Google Cloud Source

1. Open your repository in Google Cloud Source and select Clone Repository

2. Select "Manually generated credentials", then click "Generate and store your Git credentials"

3. Take the rightmost value of cookie, containing a username and secret (highlighted red below)

For example, username could be and secret 1/74000000000-ASJDfj-je-fERR, separated with a "=" character.

4. URL-encode the secret

e.g. 1/74000000000-ASJDfj-je-fERR --> 1%2F74000000000-ASJDfj-je-fERR

5. Construct git URL for Softagram

Format of authenticated git URLs is

For example, If your Google Cloud Source git URL is, then full URL with authentication is

2. Add repository to Softagram

1. Create new project

2. Add your Google Cloud Source repository as a Custom URL

Once done, download and login with Softagram Desktop to see your code visualized. If your repository is bigger, it could take a bit longer until you can see it in Softagram Desktop.

Note that Softagram impact reports are not yet supported with Google Cloud Source repositories. Let us know if you would want to get that too!

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