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How to setup impact reports for Bitbucket Cloud
How to setup impact reports for Bitbucket Cloud

Get deep feedback on your pull requests automatically

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1. Add repositories to Softagram

  • Login to Softagram

  • Create a new project or open an existing one

  • Click the "Add repositories" button on top right corner of the project

  • Select Bitbucket

  • Authenticate to Bitbucket if needed - only asked on the first time

  • Select the repository or repositories that you want to include in a single analysis

  • Done

2. Enjoy automatic reports

You should now start receiving automatic impact reports to your pull requests.

If you don't receive the reports on your upcoming pull requests, check that the Softagram webhook was created correctly.

Troubleshooting webhook setup in Bitbucket

For each repository to be analyzed, Softagram adds a new webhook in repository settings in Bitbucket. If this didn't work for you, you can add the webhook yourself like this:

Click "Add webhook" and configure as follows:


Finally, click Save.

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