Visual comparison is fast way to communicate and get understanding of changes. Softagram desktop can be used to show visual comparison of the codebase between any build or branch. Visual diff for pull requests are seen directly in GitHub/Bitbucket/VSTS (Azure DevOps) or Gitlab. 

 Softagram desktop "Compare" function allows you to see and communicate what changes you or your colleagues have made within the same branch or between the branches. Softagram allows to create compare model freely with all the models that are analysed. 

See short video below with examples:

 Steps below to compare two different models:

Please see below example of the model selection for compare feature (Find it from "Compare" file menu):

Below an example of a recent change in one of Netflix's open source projects: Visuals shows the changed element in yellow, added in green (here added association to MonitorTags) and removed in red.

TIP: You can share any view by saving it e.g. to picture (e.g. .png) from  [File] -> [Save View As..]  menu, and adding it to your report, or if you want to propose a change, save the picture in PlantUML format and edit the chart before sharing.

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