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How to see the full call paths of a single function with Softagram Desktop
How to see the full call paths of a single function with Softagram Desktop

Get a fast understanding how any function is used in your codebase

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I need to change a function named "CalibrationLevel" but first I want to make sure I understand completely it's role in the system, in this case Qt 5.9.

How to do it in Softagram?

  1. Locate the function: just type "CalibrationLevel" to the search bar. Search is case-insensitive.

  2. Right click the function in question and select Inbound View from dropdown menu.

  3. To see all possible call paths, you want to increase the "Dependency Lookup Level". Below I increased it from 1 to 5.

  4. To see the function level details across the call paths you might need to increase the "Detail Level" too (in my example it is 11). Note that I used "Aggregated Incoming Dependency" KPI to highlight the most critical components along the call paths.

In 15 seconds you can get full understanding how your change would affect the whole system, and it could easily save an hour of grepping and constructing an idea of the dependencies in your mind, or drawing it to a piece of paper.

Extra tip:

Now that you have readily proper view settings for call paths, you can check them for any function just by typing the function name to the search bar.

E.g. in the example above, searching again for "CalibrationLevel" would give me the graph of all functions named "CalibrationLevel" (instead of just the one we looked at above), showing their users and possible refactoring targets:

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